SKYPE: Great Tool for MG & YA Authors

skype_logoScheduling author visits in middle schools and high schools where classes change hourly is challenging, as is finding funding for large assemblies.  But Skyping an author is a low-cost alternative for schools (with a great convenience factor for authors) that can offers flexible small-group sessions that can satisfy both the audience and the authors.

For an interesting article about doing virtual visits using Skype, check out Kate Messner’s piece in School Library Journal.  She has pulled lots of great examples from authors and illustrators, showing how they use Skype for small group interactive visits, book club discussions, writing classes and critiquing sessions.

I think that Skype has great potential for those of you who are middle grade and young adultSkype_an_Author_Network novelists. You can pitch a one-hour session with a single class or two together to keep the intimacy factor. And if this is something you really want to get into, you can get your name listed at Skype An Author Network whose mission is to provide K-12 teachers and librarians with a way to connect authors, books, and young readers through virtual visits.

In addition to Kate’s article in SLJ, take a look at this piece, Virtual Visits, which originally appeared in my column, “The Truth About School Visits” in the SCBWI Bulletin.

Have any of you already experienced author visits via Skype?  How has it worked for you?


5 Comments on “SKYPE: Great Tool for MG & YA Authors”

  • Great roundup of resources – thanks for including a link to my SLJ feature!

    One thing I think we’ll see more of in the future is more interactive Skype visits – not just presentations and Q and A sessions but also writing workshops. So many possibilities!

  • I agree, Kate! I think that the possibilities for new and meaningul interactions are endless through technology. What I like, too, is that technology will make it more affordable for schools to have an author or illustrator program that’s directed to a specific,small group rather than requiring Big Assemblies to justify costs of traditional programs.

  • I’ve personally done two Skype visits (read about them at my-first-virtual-school-visit.html and virtual-visit-at-cataract-elementary ) and really enjoyed them. No, you don’t get the hugs. But you do get to connect with students you wouldn’t be able to otherwise because of either budget constraints or pure geography.
    PS – I LOVE your new blog!!!

  • Your posts help folks to visualize the process, Elizabeth. Thanks, for sharing!

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