Setting Fees, Getting Gigs and Delivering the Goods

If you’re at the summer SCBWI Conference at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, CA on Sunday, August 1, come on over to my workshop from 10:45 – 11:45 a.m. (room TBA). Our topic is School Visits; Setting Fees, Getting Gigs and Delivering the Goods.  I’ll be sharing lots of resources and looking forward to lively discussion among P.A.L. colleagues.

5 Comments on “Setting Fees, Getting Gigs and Delivering the Goods”

  • This is a fantastic site! You have done a superb job. So much help right at hand in one spot.

  • You did a great job at the conference, Alexis! The only thing people wanted was MORE!!! :)

  • Thanks for the compliments, Mary and Dianne! And Dianne — I appreciated your contributions to my session on Sunday!

  • Hi Alexis,

    Your workshop at the SCBWI LA conference was INCREDIBLY helpful! Thank you so much!!! My first picture book is coming out next year and your presentation and website make school visits seem much less daunting. I will be passing along your website on my website when I get it up and running in the next couple of months. I have been following and saving your articles in the SCBWI bulletin for quite some time now, so to have a whole website full of great advice feels like Christmas!
    Thanks a million,
    Laura Murray

  • Laura – So happy to know that my conference session was helpful. And thanks for following my articles in the SCBWI Bulletin!