School Visit Tips for 2011: Part 3

This is our third group of tips for school visits to get you off to a good start this season.

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When choosing dates for a visit that will occur during snow season, I always ask the school to choose two dates: our preferred date and a snow date. This way, I’m sure to have at least one “convenient” day (for them and me) reserved on my calendar in case we need to postpone the visit.  — Janet Wong

 I used to actually turn down school talks because I couldn’t handle the crowd control aspect.  I was a teacher early on in my career, but motivating students had been my strong suit, not discipline.  Then I realized that it wasn’t my job to control 200 students [as guest author], and I made that clear. I explained that I’d try the clapping routine (clap, clap–clap, clap, clap), but if that didn’t work, I was going to turn around and wait for the adults in the room to restore order.  It worked like a charm.  As soon as it was quiet again, I’d turn back to the students.  Sometimes, I’d spend that time straightening my props.  The students gave me very little trouble after the first time I turned away, and I could relax and have fun motivating the students, which was what I was best at.   Betsy Franco 

A number of times I’d run into schools who felt it was too “commercial” to offer my books to the kids. However, teachers often bought them from the stack I had stashed away in my second roll-around case.  — Mary D. Wade

Would you ever go to someone’s house as a guest and not bring a hostess gift? No. You wouldn’t. So I ALWAYS bring hostess gifts – a signed book, or a piece of art. Organizing these things are HARD.   — Katie Davis

Whenever I’m fortunate enough to speak at a conference or event that goes well, I ask the organizer if I may suggest author friends for the next one.  Marc Tyler Nobleman

Ask to stay at a hotel (so you can rest) instead of someone’s home, because you’ll always be ON STAGE in someone’s home.  — Wendie Old

After all these years I still stay in people’s homes. In fact, I have met some great dogs this way.  — Deborah Hopkinson

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