Perfect Parking

Not only did my host, Joyce Garcia of Rorimer Elementary, save a parking spot for me, she greeted me with an umbrella!

I circled the school three times before I found a spot. Time crunched, I schlepped a backpack, props, and equipment in the rain across a busy street and around massive puddles to the site of my school visit.

Parking. This may seem like a tiny detail in the scheme of things – but to start your day off frustration-free, this is one item you’ll want to have in your contract or letter of agreement.

My letter of agreement simply says: “If you can save a parking space for me, that would be terrific. (Most schools put out a cone with my name on it.)” Though it sounds like a suggestion, I do follow up about a week before my visit and remind them of this request. I think that the image of a bedraggled presenter has been enough to inspire action, and as a result, I always have a spot waiting for me. 

Even in great weather, it helps to be able to park close to the school.


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