Freshen Your Images and Props

 If you’ve been using the same props and PowerPoint show for over a year, it may be time for an overhaul.

Are your props large enough to be seen at the far end of the multipurpose room?  If not, you’re leaving out a significant portion of your audience. Consider taking time this summer to exaggerate the props you have or find new ones.

In terms of images, kids love to see family photos.  Do you have some to add to the mix?  Or perhaps ones you haven’t used before? They can be of you as a kid – or you with your family today.  If you have a special pastime, throw in some images of that, too – knitting, pet shows, gardening, Thai Chi classes, beach volleyball, doll collecting, gaming  — anything you do for fun that rounds you out as a person.  And these images are great conversation starters. You never know which audience members, kids and adults alike, will share the same interests.  Don’t think, ‘Well, they can find that on my website.”  Bring it to them.

My dad built this rink in our backyard in Wakefield, Massachusetts where Kathy & I practiced moves in our new Carol Heiss ice skates.

Fresh images can also spark a new angle on your presentation, new insights as to what informs your writing or illustrating life.  So, take time to review what you have, what you do, and how you can shake things up a bit to make more connections at school visits next season.

3 Comments on “Freshen Your Images and Props”

  • This is such a helpful site, Alexis! I was wondering how much of a presentation to change up every year… it ok have a core presentation to start with and then change a few images/topics as new books come out? Thanks for all the helpful info!!

  • Yes! Keep the core for sure. But you don’t have to wait for a new book to add or change something. For example, I have some “family album” slides in my presentation. Kids are always asking me what hobbies I have or sports I participate in. Until I found the ice skating slide that I put in this post, I had completely forgotten how crazy I was about skating. I’ll probably use it in next year’s show. You never know which pictures are going to trigger a connection with a kid or teacher.

  • Thanks for the summer time tips!