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Are you a published author and a member of SCBWI? I have a challenge for you.
My goal is to get 1,000 teachers and librarians who have hosted author visits in the past to respond to a very brief Author Visit Survey at

How can you help? Send a short personal message along with this link to at least 10 (ten) of your past author visit hosts.

Why am I doing this survey? Because many teachers and librarians who want to host author visits have met with resistance to hosting one in their schools. As a result, I’ve been working on a study to provide statistics and stories to assist them in making a case for bringing authors and illustrators to their schools.

The study, which was piloted successfully in 2013, will gather data on what effects an author visit has on students’ attitudes toward reading writing and revision.  Right now, I’m “taking the temperature” of anyone who has hosted an author visit at their school or library through this 5-minutes-or-less survey.

What’s in it for you? No one has ever done an empirical, quantitative study on author visits. Not only will you be helping contribute to this groundbreaking study that will benefit young readers, but this will give you an opportunity to connect again with your past hosts.

Need help framing your letter to hosts? Click here: Sample appeal to past school visit hosts

As of today, I have 177 responses to the survey. Will you help me push it up to the top?

Warmest best wishes,


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  • Hi, Alexis! This study is such a wonderful idea. Ellen Braaf of the Mid-Atlantic SCBWI chapter forwarded us the link and explanation of the study. I have sent out many emails to past schools where I presented and used it as an opportunity to let them know about a new series I’m working on that will debut next year. Several of them have already contacted me to say they have completed the study and will be having me back soon. Thanks for the marketing push and for giving us authors who do visits additional tools to help schools hire us!

  • Ginjer – Thanks so much for passing the link along — and to Ellen Braaf for getting it started. My goal is to get 1,000 responses. We’re getting closer! More and former author visits hosts are filling out the survey now that most schools are back in session (schools start in August here in CA, later on the east coast). I appreciate your participation.

  • I have conducted my second successful author visit to a school which invites authors quite often. The librarian as well as some of the teachers are willing to participate. I have used your resources to approach more schools, and so far have not had doors slammed in my face. Here’s hoping! I’m happy I discovered you.

  • Hi Connie – Thanks for sharing the link to the Author Visit Survey with the hosts of your past school visits. I appreciate this. And I’m happy that the advice you’ve found at has been helpful to you. Wishing you continued success!

  • I have seen a dramatic effect on students after an author visit. We try to have 3/4 visits a year divided by age groups to generate great age appropriate discussions.
    I want students to see themselves as readers and writers, and when an author shares their first efforts & writing – it encourages ALL.
    I also prepare the students & teachers before the event so they are familiar with the books and are given a bibliography of other books by the author.
    This preparation really helps.
    Thanks Alexis for all you do for CRA and books.

  • Marie – You hit the nail on the head: preparing the kids and staff means a deeper experience for all when an author visits a school. The effects ripple out long after the author has left. You are a gem to do all that you do and to believe so strongly in the author visit experience! Librarians – and that’s you — rock!

  • Hi Alexis,
    I’ve been facilitating workshops on school visits and moderate a FB group on the topic. I filled out your survey back when you first shared it. A group member just pointed out that it hadn’t been shared in our group, so now it has. I hope you get more responses as a result. We’d love to have you join our discussion!

  • Thanks, Michelle for supporting the Author Visit Survey by filling it out last fall! We closed the survey on Dec. 31, 2014 and are in the process of compiling results to share. We’re writing grants to gather quantitative data from students & teachers in schools, and will let you know how that progresses. When we finish the report of the online survey (which should be soon), I’ll post results here and send a personal email to all who assisted with this part of the study. I really appreciate your support for this! Have fun at the SCBWI New England Conference this spring!

  • Aw shucks, Alexis. I didn’t realize that. I clicked through before I posted it and it took me to the form, so I assumed it was still open. Perhaps you could change the settings so readers get notified that it’s closed?

    I hope you got enough responses. I’m sorry I didn’t share it sooner. I’ll do what I can to help future endeavors.

  • No problem, Michelle. We’ll still collect any responses that come in after the cut-off and do an update. In the meantime, I’ll post a notice on the survey.

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