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Dear Followers of My SchoolVisitExperts Blog,
Have the posts on this SchoolVisitExperts have been helpful to you? If so, please take a quick second to re-subscribe at

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Why am I asking you to do this? Because I’ve been having endless grief with Feedburner and have to go to a new and improved sign-up system.  I’ll be switching over later next week, so please don’t delay and re-subscribe asap.

As  you you know, SchoolVisitExperts.com shares tips and advice on the business of doing school visits as well as the art of creating dynamic presentations that schools love. In addition to my posts, author and illustrators who have tons of school visit experience offer real-world solutions to sticky issues. You can also find useful forms so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

All are welcome — published authors and illustrators as well as those who are about to be published.  SchoolVisitExperts.com is for anyone in the publishing industry dedicated to delivering high-quality school visits to students of all ages.

Thanks for re-subscribing! And do drop me a note if you have any questions: info2@schoolvisitexperts.com.

Warmest best wishes,

P.S. If you have already re-subscribed, thanks!

Way to go!

Way to go!

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