Finding Funding for School Visits

In the past couple of years, many schools’ traditional sources of funding (parent organizations, booster clubs, etc.) have been called upon to support basic needs  — copier machines, supplies, and sometimes even staffing. Finding funds for author visits, field trips, and assemblies can be challenging. Yet even when resources seem all tapped-out, there are pockets of money to be had simply by asking.  Take a look at this video tip and pass it along to potential hosts. (Click here for the link I mention in the video.)

5 Comments on “Finding Funding for School Visits”

  • Wonderful, Alexis. Thank you!! BTW, is Tina Coury, the filmmaker, originally from the Boston area?

  • Tina is from LA, her husband is from the Boston area.

  • Terrific! And so timely. I love these “tips of the day”! Great info in just the right amount of time.

  • This is great information. I would have never of thought of Target or Walmart supporting the schools in this manner.

  • Kristin — Target and Walmart are big supporters of literacy and the arts. And don’t forget to check out the service clubs in your commity, too.