Latest Buzz Phrase for “Educational Standards”

Author and teacher Darcy Pattison has an interesting post on her “Fiction Notes” blog: “What Do New Education Standards Mean for Writers?”  The new buzz phrase and acronym for curriculum or educational standards is Common Core Standards (CCSS).  While Darcy’s post focuses on how to use CCSS to inspire story ideas, you can use them in two very powerful ways as a school visit presenter:

  1.  To help you write a promotional school visit brochure or web page copy that uses “EducationSpeak” to connect better with teachers and librarians (see my blog post o July 14, 2011)
  2. To help you create program objectives that connect your books and activities directly with core content standards at various grade levels.

 Here are links to each grade level’s curriculum maps that will give you an idea of expectations at grade levels k-12 in English/Language Arts

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  • I’m feeling like a groupie, Alexis, but each post is SO great! This one will be very useful indeed. Thanks, again. Joanne