SCBWI Metro NY Talk – Getting Gigs, Delivering the Goods


With my winter coat on my back, boots on my feet and scarf wrapped tightly around my neck, this California gal is in New York for the SCBWI Winter Conference.  But the fun continues afterwards.  I’ll be visiting two schools on Long Island, then heading back to speak at The Professional Series sponsored by Metro NY SCBWI on February 1, 2011 where I’ll be giving authors, illustrators and industry professionals the lowdown about  “Getting Gigs and Delivering the Goods.” 

Location: The Anthroposophical Society, New York Branch,
138 West 15th Street (between 6th Avenue & 7th Avenue).

Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm. Doors open at 7:15pm

4 Comments on “SCBWI Metro NY Talk – Getting Gigs, Delivering the Goods”

  • Loved your talk and especially your enthusiasm. Took notes and am passing them to my New Jersey friends who need help with school visits. Thanks again for coming. Hope you got home okay.

  • Thanks, Pat! What an intrepid crew, to come out on such a cold and snowy night to hear me talk about school visits! Loved meeting everyone. Managed to get home safe and sound today.

  • Here’s a belated thank you for wonderful SCBWI presentation. I learned so much and, perhaps more important, I came away inspired to get myself out there. Thanks so much for sharing all your hard-won knowledge.

  • Terrific., LIz! Keep in touch as you venture out to schools!