5 Things to Do While Schools Are Sleeping

20150509_191953Here’s what you can do now while kids out of school and teachers are recharging their creative batteries this summer:

1. Business cards & bookmarks: Is it time for a redesign? A reorder? You can get some great deals through online printers such as GotPrint.com, Overnightprint.com and Vistaprint.com, to name a few.

2. Brochures & Websites: Is the information updated? Complete? Ask your critique group members to review your school visit page or print brochure. Better still, find a principal, teacher or parent give you feedback on it to see if you’ve made it clear how your presentation will benefit their students and tie into the curriculum.

3. Rates: Review your school visit rates. Do you need to change them for the coming year? If you’re unsure or you’re just starting out, compare with other published authors in your geographic region. A good place to start is with local PAL members of SCBWI.

4. Email updates: Enter your contacts from the past year into a database. This may include hosts of schools you visited or conference and workshop attendees. Be sure to note where you met them so that when you send them an announcement,  they know you’ve already established a relationship with them.

5. Reminders: Compose a note now to send in August reminding contacts of your availability to do school visits in 2015-2016. For schools you’ve just visited, ask them to refer you to another school. For contacts you made at events, plant the seed that you’re available in the coming year to inspire their students.

If you haven’t visited a school in 5 years, it’s time reestablish a relationship with them. Tell them what’s new. Suggest you return to meet their new batch of students.

If you do these five simple tasks (six, if you count the Bonus task!), you’ll be in great shape when the school year revs up again in August!

4 Comments on “5 Things to Do While Schools Are Sleeping”

  • Thanks for this post. It was as if you were reading my mind!

  • Happy to know this was helpful, Carrie!

  • Great timing, Alexis. I’m redoing a lot of stuff on my website this summer. One thing I just finished but haven’t made live yet (since I’m reorganizing stuff and am not sure exactly where I want to put it) is a set of three different downloadable school visit mini-posters that schools can print and use to promote my visits. I just got a couple of things from your list to add to MY list! Thanks.

  • Mini-posters – what a great idea, Laura! Are they “Laura is coming to our school on ___ ” type of posters? Are they 8.5″ by 11″? I think that anytime we can provide the school with ready-made promotional materials to post, it’s a win-win.

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